• thumb-01

    Test rig for Talking Hat prop

    Here is a short clip of the talking hat prop I’m building for a new dark comedy film. Its operated remotely by two hands, and will appear that the flat-cap worn by the actor, is …

  • BTS-06

    BTS Music video for Masses

    Had a great day and a half filming with Masses for their new music video “In Circles” Still like the song – even though I’ve heard it a thousand times! This film is for the 2Weeks2Makeit …

  • henson

    A Talking Hat

    I wanted to make a talking hat. Its nearly finished. Short test film coming soon. Tweet

  • title_thumbnail_small

    a small world.

    A short experimental film using my new Canon 100mm Macro lens with the FS700. The original soundtrack was done by Yonatan Collier.   Tweet

  • a beautiful tree

    a small world

    “a small world” Experimental short film using my new Canon Macro 100mm lens. Most of these shots were taken freehand at 8 x slow-motion. Thanks to Yonatan Collier for the excellent original soundtrack, and also Joe …

  • Best Story_Alec Birkbeck

    “Best Story” Award!

    ExMen: The Care Home Wars has received the “Best Story” from an online film awards! Thanks to everybody that helped out with making the film. Tweet

  • Basic CMYK

    Official Selection at the Albuquerque Film Festival

    ExMen: The Care Home Wars has been selected to screen at the Albuquerque Film Festival in January 2015.   Tweet

  • head prop

    New prop – work in progress

    Making a new prop for a unique short comedy. More coming soon… Tweet

  • no powers allowed

    Private screening of ExMen to elderly extras in the film.

    Despite some technical challenges [overheating projector!], we had a great day showing the forthcoming “ExMen:The Care Home Wars” film to the elderly extras who took part. There was a full house on both film sceenings and they were …

  • Spring fern shoots - in autumn


    Out in the forest with my new Canon macro 100mm lens. Had a great day testing its limits either on the Kessler Cineslider or using it with 8 x slow-motion. The footage is so good, …