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Final draft of the Care Home comedy script

Posted by Alec on May 5, 2014  /   No Comments

The final draft is done! There is a bit more dialogue [some of it as voice-over], and some extra props added to bolster the story a bit… Shooting on 18 May – more teasers coming …


Chroma-Key tape

Posted by Alec on April 20, 2014  /   No Comments

Applied Chroma-Key tape to the areas of this rig closest  to the subject. This should help to remove the rig from the film footage and cut down on post work. Also, the guy wearing the …


Casting Auditions for “Care home” comedy

Posted by Alec on April 15, 2014  /   No Comments

Thanks to everybody who took part in the auditions for our “Care Home” short film! We had a great afternoon and met some very talented people. Special thanks to Jamie Vee [Music] for the camera …


Smoke trails FX

Posted by Alec on March 11, 2014  /   No Comments

I been filming some smoke trails against the green screen today for my upcoming “Care Home” short film [working title]. The smoke film is 2 mins long and the final clip will be 4-5 seconds, …


Test shoot day – body harness rig

Posted by Alec on March 2, 2014  /   No Comments

Had a good test-shoot with Aidan Metcalfe, David Neild, Daz Kaye and Joe Irving today. We were testing our custom body-harness with a green screen and some other bits.  Unfortunately I can’t publish the pics …


Some rough storyboard teasers…

Posted by Alec on February 16, 2014  /   No Comments

Here are a couple of early storyboard teasers for my current short film – set in a care home, but with some unusual residents…  


Latest Short Film – update

Posted by Alec on February 9, 2014  /   No Comments

The script is 95% complete, after a few tweaks and re-writes. The DoP is on board – Aidan Metcalfe  Most of the props are secured, including a zimmer frame and a full body harness! There …


Location searching for 1-day shoot

Posted by Alec on February 1, 2014  /   No Comments

We are looking for a large room for a 1 day film shoot, in the Leeds area. The film is set in a communal room of a care home, so something that looks like these …


Early storyboarding for dark-comedy short

Posted by Alec on December 27, 2013  /   No Comments

I’ve been working on a new screenplay, set in a retirement home, with a unique twist. As well as writing the script [using Trelby], I find that making simple storyboards helps me to plan out …


Need a new pencil

Posted by Alec on September 28, 2013  /   No Comments

Storyboards for new film. Its a gritty short with some original music and a little twist. I plan to use my new dolly track for some key scenes. Extras will also be needed for some …