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Chroma-Key tape

Posted by Alec on April 20, 2014  /   No Comments

Applied Chroma-Key tape to the areas of this rig closest  to the subject. This should help to remove the rig from the film footage and cut down on post work. Also, the guy wearing the …


Test shoot day – body harness rig

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Had a good test-shoot with Aidan Metcalfe, David Neild, Daz Kaye and Joe Irving today. We were testing our custom body-harness with a green screen and some other bits.  Unfortunately I can’t publish the pics …


Rig testing – Body Harness for next film

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A quick test of a full body harness for my next film. After a couple of beers, my dad was keen to give it a go! We had to add some knee supports to help …


Latest Short Film – update

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The script is 95% complete, after a few tweaks and re-writes. The DoP is on board – Aidan Metcalfe  Most of the props are secured, including a zimmer frame and a full body harness! There …


Latest pics of my 6m Dolly [3m shown here]

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Been making some much-needed changes to my Dolly and track which we discovered when testing it a few weeks ago. The original design had a series of 50mm skateboard wheels which seemed like a good …



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So tired of lugging huge gear bags and 9kg weights for my 8ft Kessler Jib, I decided to make a mini-Jib. I did some quick mock-ups to work out the optimum lengths, camera travel and …


DIY 6m dolly-track test

Posted by Alec on October 28, 2013  /   No Comments

A challenging afternoon was had testing my DIY dolly track. On the whole it worked OK and was relatively quick to set-up on uneven ground. The difficulties came about from the joints separating 2-3mm every …


The shoulder rig…

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I am working on a film that follows a guy walking and running through town. So I need to build a shoulder rig to carry my FS700. I like the motion that a shoulder rig …


Latest pics of my dolly track

Posted by Alec on August 26, 2013  /   No Comments

The DIY dolly track is coming along nicely. I have re-designed the wheel configuration for better stability and smoothing of bumps, added an adjustable height seat, a tie-down for the tripod and a rose-jointed T-bar …


First pics of prototype dolly track

Posted by Alec on July 29, 2013  /   No Comments

I need a long dolly track shot for an upcoming film, so I started to put some bits together. Its going to be made up of 1.5m sections and the dolly will be large enough …