gotta break some eggs


The making of “Stop the Dog” starring Harvey Waggington.

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Whilst filming in a forest for another project, we had numerous interruptions from passing dogs and walkers. Some of them chased our team and one even stole our sandwiches! That gave me an idea… I …


Final tweaks to the powered track

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Its so useful to be able to check the framing on a monitor, whilst recording! So I decided to mount one onto the dolly. The camera can be mounted on either the top or bottom, …


Filming dogs isn’t so difficult…

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Harvey just loves the camera!


My DIY track

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I thought talking to a camera was easy!

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Been making a tutorial for YouTube tonight. Its not that easy on the other side of the lens!


Ears and Jowls flopping everywhere!

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so graceful…


Run Harvey, run…

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first test of our trailer rig for filming Harvey the Labrador running – Fast! I was strapped to the trailer with a couple of ropes and a climbing harness, so i could lean right out …


DIY powered camera track test at Shipley Glen

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Just tried out my DIY 4m powered DSLR track for an upcoming film shoot at Shipley Glen. It worked well – nice and smooth! test clip :[tentblogger-vimeo 52306702]  


A quick demo edit

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A quick test of my 4m powered camera track before the sun goes down. I’ve just got this working an was very keen to see how easy it was to operate with a camera. Overall …


Coming soon… kit reviews

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Kit reviews coming soon: Lanparte follow focus Lanparte Baseplate Pro Tokina ATX 116 Pro DX AF11-16mm F2.8 Nikon