DIY 6m dolly-track test

Posted by on Oct 28, 2013 in gotta break some eggs, News

A challenging afternoon was had testing my DIY dolly track. On the whole it worked OK and was relatively quick to set-up on uneven ground. The difficulties came about from the joints separating 2-3mm every time the dolly went over them. This may have been caused by the excessive flex in the tracks and the aluminium supports which don’t provide any grip. One of the chaps helping out suggested adding some rubber [sheet] grips to the V support plates – and just by chance He had some in his van!
I think that having the camera on the Kessler Jib created more problems because the inertia of setting off and slowing down would create a slight wobble in the image. I am considering making the jib adjustable in length, so that may help. I would have thought that the skateboard wheels would be smooth enough, but there were noticeable bumps which affected the slow tracking attempts. I am considering changing to larger V profile wheels to remove this problem.

2013-10-26 12-52-57-NIKON D3200 - ref3738 2013-10-26 13-30-43-NIKON D3200 - ref3853