Latest pics of my 6m Dolly [3m shown here]

Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 in gotta break some eggs, News

Been making some much-needed changes to my Dolly and track which we discovered when testing it a few weeks ago. The original design had a series of 50mm skateboard wheels which seemed like a good idea, however they were way too sensitive and transferred the slightest minor bumps up to the camera. The new wheels are 100mm aluminium spokes with rubber tyres which seem to soak up any minor bumps – its super smooth now!

 dolly track 05

I have also added some rubber matting to each of the track supports [see pic above]. Without these, we found that the track tubes would slowly drift apart each time the dolly went across the joints. I also used the same rubber matting on the top of the dolly to stop the plywood from getting too wet & muddy [Thanks to Stephen Boyd for the Matting!]

Also shown on the dolly is my shortened jib frame.

dolly track 02

dolly track 04

dolly track 03

dolly track 01