The shoulder rig…

Posted by on Sep 7, 2013 in gotta break some eggs, kit reviews, News


I am working on a film that follows a guy walking and running through town. So I need to build a shoulder rig to carry my FS700. I like the motion that a shoulder rig provides as it seems to replicate the view from the eye pretty well. The result is that the viewer feels more connected to the image, as if they are following the character.

I purchased a couple of extra 15mm rods and a generic mounting bracket, watched a bunch of YT tutorials, had a close look at professional shoulder rigs, then had a latte with a fig roll.

I started with the shoulder support and riveted some padding that I found from an old rucksack, onto a shaped piece of aluminium sheet. It is bolted to the generic bracket which enables easy adjustment of its position.

shoulder03Next job: counterweight

To be honest I had a couple of goes at this [that’s why you can see holes drilled into the rods]. But I decided that fitting screws into holes seemed a little inflexible, so I simply made a couple of aluminium brackets with a single locking clamp and a layer of rubber tape [for grip]. This design means that I can easily fine-tune its position to suit whatever kit changes I make, and it can also be removed very quickly. I also have the option of shifting the weight left or right by a couple of inches to allow for the offset weight of the monitor.


The end result is pretty good. Although I need to practice a little, to fine-tune the weight balance, but it feels about right.